Debbie signed up for duty as Accounting Manager at Steele Branding in August of 2005. Everything she said in her job interview added up nicely. She had the kind of experience and dedication required in the accounting department at the agency.

Debbie does a superb job of separating the agency’s debits and credits and paying bills long before our vendors even consider picking up a phone.

Besides keeping everything in balance on the books she also helps keep the demands of a hectic office atmosphere in balance with her patient and understated demeanor.

She’s also a great artist in her own right. Debbie often brings handmade presents in for fellow staff that she creates at home to celebrate holidays. Her homemade labels are as creative as a Crispin Porter & Bogusky campaign.

For now, however, Debbie is content as Accounting Manager and has no intention of becoming an Art Director.